History & values

Created in 1999, the company R Finance distributes and maintains several generations of reporting products on the French market.

It was in 2008 that its manager, Eric Affaticati, decided to develop his own solution:

“I have always evolved in the world of reporting and BI . As a user, the tools I used never gave me complete satisfaction.
After more than 3 years of work and research, we have created a scalable and tailor-made solution that perfectly meets the needs of the market.”

Thus, in 2011 Infineo was created and took over the publishing and distribution activity of R Finance. The company then launched the Inside solution. A true decision-making reporting solution, Inside enables data collection, feedback and information sharing. Business Intelligence software package, our solution is based in the Excel ® environment and multiplies its capacities for the implementation of reporting.

Infineo initially chose to develop its historical customers towards its own solution which brings them real changes in terms of access to information and processing power. Quickly, with the objective of guaranteeing real expertise and offering a 100% efficient and innovative solution, Infineo turned towards indirect sales.

The Nantes-based company now relies on a network of distributors deployed throughout France but also, more recently, in Benelux and England. This strategic choice allows teams to focus on research and development (20% of turnover is devoted to it) and to offer users incomparable performance and local service.


Listening to its customers and with 20+ years of experience in the field of reporting, Infineo sees its notoriety grow rapidly

The collaboration

Infineo is a team of experts who multiply exchanges and sharing, thus guaranteeing the optimal performance and innovation of the solution.

User experience

Listening to its users , we work tirelessly to meet the expectations and challenges of each of our customers.

The simplicity

We attach particular importance to providing you with an intuitive and modern solution, where the user retains full autonomy.


Whatever your needs and your projects, our team is at your side to help and support you in the development of your business. Through a national and international network, our partners guide you on a daily basis in the realisation of your projects.
Each Infineo integrator installs and assists his client in setting up the proposed solution and provides all the commissioning services, including a transfer of skills aimed at maintaining user autonomy in a spirit of reliable partnership.

  • Analysis and advice on a functional, technical and organizational level
  • Integration, configuration and data transfer
  • General and technical training of users
  • Support and maintenance

Infineo, une équipe avec du savoir-faire, Expertise et conseils
Infineo, une équipe avec du savoir-transmettre, Accompagnement et proximité


Training is not only learning it is also:

  • The assurance of making better use of all the functionalities of your management control tools.
  • Time and productivity savings for greater profitability of your investments.
  • An accompaniment to the working methods of changes related to the use of a new version.

In short, our Inside reporting solution contributes to the success of your projects! The training sessions take place on your premises or in the training rooms of our integrator partners which are equipped to allow each participant to discover the products and put into practice the concepts studied under optimal conditions. Based on an alternation of theoretical and practical learning, our training method allows users to be quickly autonomous and guarantees an effective transfer of skills.


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