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The Insiders: the Infineo Team

What makes the strength of our solution is our team.

Infineo brings together a team of enthusiasts, men and women, 80% of them from 100% geek juice, for whom improving our solution is a real passion. Invested on a daily basis… Without them, Inside would not exist.

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Their mission... here it is in a few words

#1 Leader

He didn't just dream, he created it. He didn't just throw it away, he uses it every day. What better ambassador for his product than a manager who trusts his solution?

#2 Product Manager

He works on all fronts. It is the triangular stone of our solution without which Inside could not be what it is today. At the present time, he has already gone a few years further and anticipates the evolutions of Inside by coordinating his teams. He ventures into the twists and turns of the technologies of the future, he imagines the improvements without losing sight of the performance needs of the users.

#3 Developers

Creators and innovators, they relentlessly find technical solutions to develop Inside. They program, they test, correct and develop our solution so that the user experience is always more enriching. They no longer count their hours when it comes to completing their project. From analysis to design, including the program and the simulation, our developers are our strength today to help Inside evolve.

#4 Consultants

They train and support our resellers in their first cases. Our consulting service provides them with the best advice so that they become seasoned users, true experts of our Inside solution.

#5 Support Technicians

They help resolve incidents affecting the quality or use of Inside. Always smiling and ready to "take the hand" to help you, our Support Technicians are our feedback asset. They are constantly improving our product and making your daily life easier.

#6 Business development team and partner support

They know inside out the added value that Inside can bring to the company's various businesses. They are a real benchmark for our resellers, those who guide them so that
their partnership progresses and is strengthened.

#7 Administrative team

Planning, accounting, telephone reception… Our teams keep the machine running so that all the administrative part remains efficient and fluid.

#8 Marketing, Communications team

Developing the notoriety of Inside reporting, supporting partners in their marketing and communication actions, the Marketing, Communication team is mobilised to meet the needs of the network… It has not finished making people talk about us!

The Inside_Partners

When our partners choose to resell our Inside solution, it’s a real community…Whether they are publishers or an integrator, each new partner chooses Inside for its many commercial and functional advantages.

Today, Infineo partners are integrators of management solutions who share the same values. Always attentive to their customers, they guide them in the implementation of the Inside solution, allowing them to be more autonomous in the carrying out of their reporting needs. Thanks to the Inside solution, they exchange ideas, understand needs and find a tailor-made response, perfectly suited to the customer.

The companies that work with Infineo are integrators who have understood our vision of reporting and the easy implementation of our reporting solution. Thanks to the catalog of standard connectors which evolves with each version upgrade of the source management software, installations and configuration are greatly simplified.

To date, they are already more than 60 to trust us …