Financial reporting

How to quickly produce reliable financial reporting and improve the management of your activity?

With Inside, you can create a tailor-made financial dashboard in just a few clicks.

You regularly update your financial reports and lack the time to do a thorough analysis.
Scalable and efficient, Inside is your best ally for creating tailor-made financial reporting. The efficiency of this solution will allow you to focus on analysing your data and free you up time to develop your business.
While maintaining your working habits in Excel, you produce secure financial reporting automatically.

You are :


  • Administrative and Financial Director (FD)
  • Administrative and Financial Manager (FC)
  • Accounting
  • Management controller

Your missions :


  • Analyse the activity of your company through the production of personalised reporting and dashboards
  • Provide reliable and recurring financial statements internally or to your investors
  • Optimise the management of your activity and simplify your decision-making

With Inside, you can :


  • Produce quality financial reporting, based on your accounting flows
  • Update all your dashboards automatically and quickly
  • Extend the functionality of Excel and connect to your accounting data in real time

Reliable and secure accounting reporting with Inside

Thanks to Inside, our financial dashboard software, you can produce scalable and reliable accounting reporting in record time.

  • Accounting reporting by company, department, etc,
  • Financial analysis by profit center, BU, product, etc,
  • Recurring reporting states (monthly reports of subsidiaries, project management, financial flow dashboard, etc.),
  • Financial dashboard by division or by geographic site,
  • Customized cash flow reporting reports,
  • Interim management balances by analytical section.

Inside, the CFO’s best ally

A reporting tool directly connected to your financial data

With Inside, you are directly connected to the quantified data coming from any source software of your company (accounting, treasury, finance, management, etc.): you have perfect control of the origin of the information and make your accounting reports reliable.

Immediately operational, the Inside reporting solution is compatible with all the largest publishers of accounting solutions on the market: Sage – BluQube – SAP – Open Accounts… which considerably facilitates its deployment within your structure.

You get your financial data in real time, and you keep your financial reporting tables up to date on a daily basis.

The ideal solution for a tailor-made analysis of your accounting and financial reporting

The production of reports is simplified: with your Inside tool you select, in a few clicks, the multiple criteria you wish to highlight for analysis. Thus, you produce your financial dashboard and your accounting reports very simply (analytical sections, accounting accounts, periods, geographic sites, etc).

Reliable tables: you build your dashboard with key indicators, which will give you the necessary perspective to manage your activity. With Inside reporting, you will have more time to analyse the situation and take the resulting strategic decisions.

You easily find the detail of each amount that will justify your financial figures. You can then check them, understand them to better explain them. You share your detailed reports on several levels and go back to the accounting entry of each line.

The automation of calculations, a saving of precious time to update your financial reporting tables on a daily basis

With a simple copy/paste of the Inside formula, the Excel sheet is automatically completed in real time. You no longer need to add columns or inter-workbook links. You save time and minimise the risk of errors by stabilising your financial statements.

The analysis of your dashboards is more precise and decision-making is easier: you go further in monitoring your activity with a complete and efficient accounting reporting software. Querying your accounting and financial data becomes simple and powerful.



With Inside, your accounting department produces and regularly shares reliable reports to optimise the monitoring of your financial activity.


You meet the obligation to control your company’s budget thanks to Inside and you are reactive to analyse and publish the budget control.


With Inside, you analyse the performance indicators of your teams and meet your legal obligations (gender, equality, etc.) with relevant HR dashbaords.


Inside facilitates the analysis of your cash flows and the control of cash to benefit from a view of your liquidities, investments and budgets.


You assess the commercial performance of your team with Inside and put in place the necessary adjustments to achieve the objectives set.


Thanks to Inside you control your purchases in an agile way and consolidate the savings made by optimising the management of your expenses.


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“With Inside, we save the equivalent of 15 days of human work in the financial department for each accounting situation.”

Anne-Marie IMBERT – Management Controller of the BHD group