Inside Studio

Easily collect and compile all the data from your IS for relevant decision-making reporting

With the Inside Studio module, you connect to all your internal data sources and easily collect your data wherever it is:

  • You automatically collect information from all your software (Sage, Open Accounts, Agresso, SAP ​, Syteline, Syspro, Symmetry Bluqube, MFG Pro, COINS and your specific developments, etc.)
  • You get your data in real time without replication or re-entry.
  • You benefit from an up-to-date and exhaustive view of your business reporting (accounting, HR, treasury, etc.)
  • You replicate your data wherever it is, including in the cloud.

With Inside Studio, you choose how to query your data

Produce real-time or deferred reporting according to your work habits

According to your sources of information and the use you have of it, Inside Studio defines for you how to ask them.

  • You retrieve your information in real time from continuous data streams. Inside then offers you the possibility of extracting and restoring your data in real time. Your analysis is accelerated and your decision-making simplified.
  • Or if you prefer to replicate your data to take the time to organize yourself, Inside allows you to return your information to obtain optimum dashboards at the right time.

Whatever the origin of your data, their quantities, you choose: Inside adapts to your needs and your pace.

Benefit from a powerful ETL

The ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) process allows you to collect and merge information from your different management systems.

  • You retrieve raw data, regardless of their sources (payroll, accounting, sales, production, finance or Excel tables).
  • They are then structured in a common Inside repository. This data warehouse stores and secures your information in a single database. You build your financial reporting in a few clicks.

The Inside solution merges all your data to give you time to analyse it quickly. Data management becomes accessible to all.

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