Inside Drive

Store and secure your management reporting for better control

With the Inside Drive module, you have double security: The storage of your management documents and the control of files:

  • You easily store your states and reports in a library
  • You quickly share information with your employees
  • You secure access to your dashboards by managing user accounts
  • You control all user session events and monitor file changes
  • You back up your documents and data at the same time

With Inside Drive, your analyses are saved and easily controlled

Have easy storage

The Inside Drive module offers you the possibility to store all types of classic work files (Excel, Pdf, Word) in a common place. Thanks to the Inside reporting tool, you then share the tables obtained with your employees: no more forgetting to transfer or lose documents.

All your employees, whatever their departments, work on the same version of the decision-making board (the most recent). The management and analysis of data are accessible to all.

Ensure the security of your reporting

You share your files securely with your colleagues, business partners or customers. Inside allows you to control access and modifications to your reporting table or the provisional budget.

You invite your employees to view and use Inside reporting . No need to send attachments anymore: all data is stored in a highly secure location.

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