“With Inside, you save time
in the important overall
reporting. Both the creation and analysis of the tables go from 2 days to a few minutes.”

Frédéric Bouquet, Accounting Director of the City One Group

City One in brief

  • City One :  Founded in 1991 by Sophie Pécriaux, the group is a key player in the hospitality and business service sectors.
  • Activities : Providing services and reception staff for businesses and events.
  • Workforce: 4900 employees
  • Locations : 15 agencies in France and internationally
  • Turnover : 185 million euros in 2017
  • In Figures : 98% customer satisfaction / 2,286 customer references

The challenges to be met

The City One Group has worked closely with Inforsud for nearly 15 years for the management and maintenance of their Sage FRP 1000 accounting software.
Initially, City One was looking for a reporting tool capable of connecting perfectly to its accounting software. On the other hand, the solution adopted had to be an easy-to-use tool capable of producing reporting tables in a minimum of time, extracting accounting data and facilitating their analysis.

In addition, City One had to find a tool to harmonize data across all of the group’s agencies. Finally, the company is looking for modern software, capable of automatically populating the monitoring tables, from sage FRP 1000 in order to consolidate data from different bases.
Inside Reporting is compatible with software from the publisher Sage and is based on the Excel® environment. “This point was a decisive criterion” assures Frédéric BOUQUET, the Accounting Director of the City One Group.

The use of Inside at City One

“It only took one day of deployment and 2 days of training for the 8 Inside users to be autonomous with this new tool. Now there is no need to export or enter data. Dashboards are obtained in real time.”

The Inside Reporting solution connects to Sage FRP 1000. Simple and effective, this solution allowed City One employees to very quickly become autonomous in the production of their reports. Both the creation and analysis of the tables are much faster, going from 2 days to a few minutes. The installation of Inside has even made it possible to develop new analyses such as monitoring unpaid customer payments with due dates but also to strengthen the control of invoicing and intra-group flows.

The benefits obtained with Inside

“In order to study the growth of the City One Group more precisely and quickly, we needed an easy-to-use tool allowing us to analyze all the accounting and financial data. Since the implementation of Inside, we have analyzed in real time and very quickly all the financial data we want.

The time saving we achieve is significant on all analyses, management control, cash flow, and on the production of monthly reporting intended for General Management!” rejoices Frédéric BOUQUET, Accounting Director of the City One Group.
Already won over by the advantages of using Inside, City One is already planning to expand its solution by integrating Human Resources data.

The certified integrator Inside

Inforsud Diffusion

For more than 30 years, Inforsud Diffusion has supported its clients, SMEs, ETIs and local authorities in the Occitanie Region, in the optimization and performance of their information systems. With this local anchoring, they have been able to establish regional proximity with their customers. It was in 2017 that Inforsud Diffusion began its partnership with Infineo, allowing it to offer the Inside Reporting solution to its clients.

Inforsud Diffusion is the choice of sustainability:
. A historic player: 35 years of existence.
. A turnover of €6 million in 2018. 58 employees (120 people planned by 2023).
. 3 sites (Toulouse, Albi and Rodez)

Business expertise:
. A global offering to meet all of its customers’ IT needs: Sage solutions, infrastructures, managed services, cloud, security and tailor-made development.

Responsive customer service:
. Strong partnerships and support towards the optimization and performance of its clients’ information systems.
. 3 fundamental values: Commitment, proximity and responsiveness.

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