“Inside, an obvious choice for flexible and scalable reporting”

Anne-Marie Imbert, Management Controller of the BHD Group

BHD in short

  • Activity : French leader in the transformation of technical textiles for the protection of people and property
  • Workforce : 430 employees
  • Turnover : 66 million euros annually

The challenges to be met

The objective of the BHD group is simple, to reduce reporting production times. When the BHD group called on the integrator Mercuria to acquire a real reporting solution, the observation was clear: the reporting then established in Excel® no longer made it possible to monitor and support the group’s growth.
Having become time and resource consuming, dashboards do not meet Management’s needs for faster and more regular dissemination of financial information.

The needs are defined “It is necessary to obtain reliable reporting while achieving the objective of reducing reporting production times”. The group also wants “a simple solution to produce dashboards without re-entering information”.
The financial department is therefore uncompromising on the essential elements for the success of the reporting project: reliability and simplicity must be the basis of the tool.

Using Inside at BHD

After a rapid implementation of 3 months, Inside provides the necessary autonomy sought by key users in the creation of dashboards. Based on the Excel® environment, the solution allows you to keep the frames of existing tables.

The advantages are quickly felt: the flexibility of the tool, the possibility of connection to several different source databases, gives the financial department the means to build tools adapted to the evolution of the BHD Group.

The benefits obtained with Inside

“Today, Inside allows us to improve the budgetary process, create internal control tools, establish multi-company dashboards…”.

The results are clear, the productivity gain is significant: three weeks were saved in making the reporting available. BHD group management quickly accesses reliable financial information.
The Inside bet is won. “With Inside, we save the equivalent of 15 man-days of work in the financial department for each accounting situation.”

The certified integrator Inside


For more than 20 years, Mercuria has supported its clients in implementing their management solutions. Present in the region of Nantes and the Great West. Mercuria is a single point of contact and integrator. Since 2012, Mercuria has distributed Inside reporting. It now has more than 170 customers on this solution.

With Mercuria it is: The choice of sustainability:
. Mastery of the history of your projects since 1989
. A turnover of 8 million, for 65 people.
. Capital held by management and employees (40% are shareholders).

Business expertise:
. Strong specialization and a vertical approach to management/finance professions.
. Consistent and stable choices of publishers and products.
. Consultants from accounting professions.

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