“With Inside, we have saved time and autonomy with optimized and reliable reporting”

Géraldine QUINTON – Director of Management Control at NGE

NGE in brief

  • Activity : Management and operation of public facilities on behalf of the communities of Nantes
  • Workforce : 170 employees
  • Turnover : 16,4 million euros in 2015

Inside must take up the challenge of saving time

Before Inside, Nantes Gestion Équipement had an accounting tool with an analytical chart of accounts. Editing was done from accounting and re-entered into an Excel® table. The 70 analytical sections were distributed in a table with 300 rows and 83 columns. 

  • The time spent re-entering data became considerable
  • Due to lack of time, NGE did not have regular reporting
  • No possibility to get real-time update

The company wanted to keep all the tables already created in Excel®. Nantes Gestion Équipement was therefore looking for a reliable and efficient reporting solution.

The challenge for NGE : By equipping itself with a reporting solution, NGE hopes to obtain significant time savings for the benefit of analysis. The company wants its data to be dynamically updated for recalculations at any time.
Operations managers could thus improve their analysis of budgetary controls in complete autonomy.

Inside adapts to management control, treasury and payroll services

Through data automation, INSIDE allows NGE to focus on budget control analysis. Financial reporting is significantly optimized and carried out much more frequently.

To date, NGE uses INSIDE for reporting tables, budget preparation and internal controls. But the company also carries out cash flow tracking tables. It also creates a payroll overview to reconcile data from payroll and accounting.

INSIDE brings productivity gains to users of the financial center. Reporting is now more frequent and regular. The teams finally have time

The productivity gain is immediate with Inside

With the implementation of the Inside solution, the productivity gain is immediate. This solution fully meets our reporting needs.. It allows us to keep our Excel® tables while gaining reliability, time and therefore productivity. We are now considering extending INSIDE for fixed asset tables and reporting on time management.

INSIDE won over NGE with its simplicity of installation and short implementation time. The ability to retain the entire environment of already existing Excel® tables is an essential asset and an imperative for NGE. INSIDE allows detailed consultation of data up to the accounting line. The cost of the project accessible to a structure like NGE is also important.

The certified integrator Inside


For more than 20 years, Mercuria has supported its clients in implementing their management solutions. Present in the region of Nantes and the Great West. Mercuria is a single point of contact and integrator. Since 2012, Mercuria has distributed Inside reporting. It now has more than 170 customers on this solution.

With Mercuria it is: The choice of sustainability :
. Mastery of the history of your projects since 1989
. A turnover of 8 million, for 65 people.
. Capital held by management and employees (40% are shareholders).

Business expertise :
. Strong specialization and a vertical approach to management/finance professions.
. Consistent and stable choices of publishers and products.
. Consultants from accounting professions.

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