“With Inside, we finally spend more time analyzing data rather than producing it.”

Stéphane BREZEL, Head of management control at Verlingue Génération

Verlingue in brief

  • Verlingue : Depends on the Adelaide group: 1 business, 3 activities, 3 brands
  • Activity : Insurance consultancy and health expense manager
  • Workforce : 1500 employees
  • Locations : 19 sites in France, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland
  • In figures : 1,7m policyholders and 1900 million in premiums negotiated on behalf of its clients

Inside adapts to the growth of Verlingue

The Verlingue and Génération companies have worked in partnership with Mercuria for many years. The Vision reporting solution was installed in 2010 to compensate for “handmade” reporting. » When the Inside solution, published by Infineo, was released in 2012, management control immediately chose to migrate to a more modern reporting solution with functionalities that perfectly meet the department’s expectations.

In May 2017, Verlingue and Génération changed their accounting tool and switched to Sage X3. The reporting interfaces had to be completely redesigned. “For capacity reasons and after studying other reporting solutions available on the market, we chose to continue with Inside. In addition, we had a real desire to continue working with Mercuria, our historic partner.
Work habits are changing. Management control has chosen to abandon the deferred connection: “With the installation of Inside v4, we have validated the implementation in real time. We now recover data from Sage”

Monthly analysis in real time thanks to Inside

Management control benefits from real-time reading of Sage X3 data from Inside to carry out monthly analyzes of results and costs.

We automate GIS-type analyses, changes in margins, analysis of cost changes, etc. We spend more time analyzing data than producing it.

Inside provides access to all accounting data.

“All our accounting data is accessible through Inside, we also compile the budget sheets using Inside. Every month, we carry out a budget landing and it now only takes a few minutes to compile the data, i.e. only the time it takes to recalculate. With Inside, no more macros and “V Search” functions in Excel®… Result: we optimize document production times and avoid some fears!”

The certified integrator Inside


For more than 20 years, Mercuria has supported its clients in implementing their management solutions. Present in the region of Nantes and the Great West. Mercuria is a single point of contact and integrator. Since 2012, Mercuria has distributed Inside reporting. It now has more than 170 customers on this solution.

With Mercuria it is: The choice of sustainability:
. Mastery of the history of your projects since 1989
. A turnover of 8 million, for 70 people.
. Capital held by management and employees (40% are shareholders).

Business expertise :
. Strong specialization and a vertical approach to management/finance professions.
. Consistent and stable choices of publishers and products.
. Consultants from accounting professions.

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