Each business has its Inside : Cash flow reporting

A simple and scalable tool to access your cash flow dashboards in real time

Your favorite colleague has gone on vacation… What luck! Except that he designated you as his back-up while he was away! You are in charge of the Treasury therefore perfectly organised to carry out the missions of the 2 posts during this week…

But you already have so many tasks to provide… And the days only last 24 hours…
In summary, this week, will you run out of time to produce the precise cash flow reports for which you are responsible, analyse your financial outstandings, study your bank balance, know your investments and control your cash costs, …?

Are you looking for a tool capable of managing your cash flow in real time? We… we know him!

You know the day-to-day… And your constant need to create reliable cash flow charts? You must also consolidate your reports into a single document, usable by all and connected in real time … The solution is simple but powerful … It is called Inside: BI & Reporting. This software is an essential complement to your cash management, which easily uses your data according to your needs.

Do you want to save time to analyse the results and better manage your activity?

Thanks to Inside, you can more easily model cash flow scenarios and access all information in real time

And, guess what? You will now be able to refine your decisions, anticipate the excess or lack of liquidity and concentrate on the strategy of your activity … With Inside, a few clicks are enough to build your cash flow reports. This solution gives you all the information you need, right on a platter.

But how does it work?

Inside accesses your data directly by connecting to your treasury software. It uses the most relevant information to compile the dashboard you need, personalised, scalable and above all, without the slightest error: The last known bank balance, your financial outstandings, your investments or even your operating positions … does all that speak to you?
Inside also masters them and uses them for you!

Now that your reporting is under control …
All you have to do is check the weather forecast and schedule your next weekend …

Don’t wait any longer to adopt Inside BI & reporting …
Discover it without delay!

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Each profession has its Inside ... Discover yours!

What could be better than reliable and upgradeable reporting in just a few clicks?

A new week begins…
You are just back from the weekend and already have your head in the numbers…

As Financial Director, are you used to collecting, compiling, analysing,…? But creating reports takes too much time! You know how to analyse your activity but you prefer to concentrate on its management? Don’t panic … Inside thinks of you and allows you to analyse and communicate financial data in just a few clicks.

Who said analysing the big picture from financial data is complicated? It’s not us..

Particularly intelligent, Inside taps into data from your accounting software for you to deliver reliable and personalised reporting on a platform … Without telling you, he connects to the largest publishers of accounting solutions on the market and then becomes compatible with them … (He usually works in collaboration with Sage, Cegid, EBP, Sigma and the others!)

Reliable and secure reporting without too much effort, what do you think? 

Inside is a small module that looks like a big one!
First, it extends the functionality of Excel® … And then, it retrieves your financial data in real time and compiles everything to ensure you have updated reporting tables on a daily basis. Just in the time of making a coffee and your tables are up to date!
You just have to focus on analysing your data. Soon you will see, you will not be able to do without Inside!

More time to send your reports before the next meeting? Inside is your best ally!

This solution automates your calculations and delivers you perfectly executed, reliable and secure financial dashboards… Scalable and fully customisable, you can modify and adapt them to your business structure, as well as to your needs!

New employee 2.0 of the financial decision-maker …
This solution exists, it is called Inside BI & Reporting!

Discover it in video without delay …

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Almeria talks to you about Inside

Discover Inside, BI & reporting,
next October 29!

On the occasion of its annual event, Almeria’s Day,
our partner offers a rich and varied web demo program …
And provide a complete presentation of our Inside solution: BI & Reporting!

On October 29, Almeria is organizing its annual event during which teams will present our Inside software: BI and Reporting.

The opportunity to discover this solution implemented in Excel® which encompasses all the stages of reporting, from data collection to the sharing of information with defined employees.

What are Almeria’s Days?

This is an annual, digital event that presents modern and innovative solutions from the IT world…

What will happen on October 29 at Almeria?

From 8.45 am, you will be expected, on the dedicated platform, to participate in the Inside web demo, hosted by Thierry Caron, Account Manager at Infineo.
At the end of the web demo, the teams will answer all your questions!

Solutions 2020 Fair: The results

End of the Solutions 2020 Show...

Infineo exhibited from September 22 to 24, 2020 at the Salon Solutions held at Porte de Versailles in Paris … A special event as we had invited 2 partners for even more live demos!

The Solutions 2020 trade fair closed its doors on Thursday, September 24, following 3 days spent in Pavilions 7.2 at Porte de Versailles – Paris, meeting visitors to present our decision-making reporting solution on Excel®: Inside , BI and Reporting.

This year is not usual, we had invited 2 partners to our stand. Essentiel Info and SVD-Gestion supported us in this adventure.

Didn’t you have time to meet us? Is the health situation forcing you to limit travel to Paris? Don’t panic … We offer Web Sessions dedicated to discovering Inside, BI and Reporting.

Our intuitive and modern solution allows you to manage your reporting very simply, from data collection to the dissemination of results!