Optimise your Purchasing reporting with Inside by Infineo

How to control purchases and ensure their follow-up with precise dashboards

Companies closely monitor their purchases, which represent on average 50% of their turnover. They are considered to be an important lever on which companies rely to optimise their profitability. The Inside solution supports purchasing managers in their day-to-day management.

How can I better manage my purchasing processes with Inside?

The purchasing department ensures the proper processing of supplier requests, a process that is often long and tedious given the large number of contacts involved. Information can be transformed or lost, which regularly causes errors or delays in processing.

Inside, our reporting solution, monitors purchases and measures the performance of your purchasing department.

What can purchasing reporting do for me on a daily basis?

Inside will become a real working tool for buyers.
Our solution supports you in the analysis of your performance and measures the relevant indicators in connection with the activity of your purchasing.

Inside determines your department’s activity, synthesizes supplier data and analyses your productivity

Why Inside is made for your purchasing department?

Data connection : Inside integrates directly with your information systems already installed: financial ERP, purchasing management software, etc. All the information appearing in your purchasing reporting will be reliable

Tailor-made analysis : You select your analysis criteria and create more comprehensive reports than those produced in a standard purchasing management solution. You easily analyze the indicators you need: margins, conditions and volumes by product or by supplier.

Automation of actions : Inside offers the possibility of creating a system of colored alerts and automatic sending of emails when an indicator exceeds the set threshold or when it is negative.

Carry out your purchasing reporting and follow your team’s results with Inside…

Inside Reporting, Purchasing : Your easy-to-use ally, adapted to your environment, scalable and ergonomic.
Your information is analysed there in a personalised dashboard, synthetic and created in real time.
Data analysis is quickly accessible and the management of your activity is simplified.

The inside shortcuts memo

Do you know the practical shortcuts on Inside BI & Reporting?

Infineo offers you this little memo, simple and practical,
to have all the useful shortcuts at your fingertips…

  • Use * ” To replace any character
  • Enter ? To replace a character
  • Enter ! To retrieve empty values
  • Hit <NULL> to retrieve the null values
  • Write ..To make a range selection : AA..BB
  • Indicate ,Yo make a discontinuous selection : AA,BB
  • Copy <> To exclude a value : <> AA (* allowed)
  • Mention “<>() To exclude a selection : <>(AA..CC) or <>(AA,CC)

Happy New Year 2021 !

Make way for the new year!

The Infineo teams wish you a happy new year 2021 … After the twists and turns we experienced in 2020, it’s time to tell you about our novelty: Datavisualization!

The year 2020 that we have known has been darkened by the news related to the pandemic but the colors of Infineo, for their part, have modernised … In 2020, we have left gray and green for blue and orange , dynamic colors, full of life and “peps”, just like our team.

This year, our entire graphic charter has evolved as well as our communication media.
And our approach did not stop there, since Infineo launched its new website in July 2020.

Our teams have adopted teleworking to develop new software products related to our Inside decision-making reporting solution. They have remained united, full of resources and above all have continued to support you relentlessly to provide you with quality support.

2021 … we waited for it! This new year is now within reach… It will be marked by the release of our new product: Dataviz…
We promised it to you, it is already in the pipes… We can’t wait to tell you about it!

Happy new year 2021 everyone!