Solutions 2020 Fair: The results

End of the Solutions 2020 Show...

Infineo exhibited from September 22 to 24, 2020 at the Salon Solutions held at Porte de Versailles in Paris … A special event as we had invited 2 partners for even more live demos!

The Solutions 2020 trade fair closed its doors on Thursday, September 24, following 3 days spent in Pavilions 7.2 at Porte de Versailles – Paris, meeting visitors to present our decision-making reporting solution on Excel®: Inside , BI and Reporting.

This year is not usual, we had invited 2 partners to our stand. Essentiel Info and SVD-Gestion supported us in this adventure.

Didn’t you have time to meet us? Is the health situation forcing you to limit travel to Paris? Don’t panic … We offer Web Sessions dedicated to discovering Inside, BI and Reporting.

Our intuitive and modern solution allows you to manage your reporting very simply, from data collection to the dissemination of results!

New visual identity for Infineo

A new logo for Infineo...

At the dawn of its 10 years, Infineo is changing its logo and its graphic charter. New colors, a new style, resolutely more modern, which affirms the expertise and professionalism of the publisher of the Inside solution.

Infineo, specialist in decision-making reporting in Excel, has chosen 2 new colors:
Blue, synonymous with new technologies
Orange, highlighting the human and the cohesion that unites our teams

Associated with a new pictogram, the Infineo logo has chosen to represent the benevolent eye of the expert, able to offer you an intuitive, reliable and tailor-made solution.


"This new visual identity is a necessary evolution of Infineo's image. Without drawing a line on the past, we are drawing on our expertise and professionalism to formalise this new logo, bringing together sobriety and dynamism. our ambitions, as evidenced by our partnership with Sage, this visual transition marks a new impetus for our company "
says Eric Affaticati, CEO of Infineo.



Like our new logo, all our communication media have been changed to be adapted to the new colors of our brand!

Also, our website has been given a facelift. Find out now on

Establishment of a web training program

A varied Web Session program

How about taking some time to perfect yourself? In this period of teleworking, the Infineo teams offer all of its distributors a rich and varied program of web sessions, web workshops and web training courses to help its network develop new skills on our decision-making reporting solution in Excel: Inside Reporting.


Our Web Trainings offer the possibility of reviewing a specific functionality, optimising the use of a particular module or even reviewing a specific connector. We adapt to your needs.
Currently, to allow you to best support you during this particular period, we offer you a unique offer: 1 web training purchased = 1 web training offered

In addition to this intense web training program:
- Web Sessions, allowing you to acquire general knowledge of Inside Reporting and to benefit from a live demonstration.
- Web workshops, dedicated to your sales and pre-sales team. These remote workshops are an effective way to improve your sales pitch by mastering the functionalities of our solution.

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Infineo signs a partnership with PBI Ouest

Infineo is proud to count PBI Ouest among its reseller partners

Infineo, editor of the Inside decision-making reporting software, enriches its list of reseller partners with the signing of PBI Ouest.

A long-time BI specialist, PBI Ouest wishes to continue its progress in the BI market by surrounding itself with reliable and complementary publisher partners to offer complete decision-making reporting solutions for VSEs, SMEs and mid-size companies.

PBI Ouest addresses all types of business sectors and offers its services on issues of data analysis, dashboards and reporting automation. Essentially present throughout the western part of France, this Nantes company focuses its activities on the Pays de la Loire region

PBI Ouest

PBI Ouest and Infineo have one thing in common: They are both used to working closely with the ecosystem of the publisher Sage and its resellers.

The Nantes reseller wanted to expand its skills and product offering by integrating our Inside Reporting software to:

- Open a new market segment for PBI,
- Its ease of deployment
- Its functional performance (Tailor-made table thanks to the Cell Assistant)
- Its intuitive aspect which makes the solution accessible to users by giving them more autonomy
- Its real-time calculations on data from the company's management information system
- Its saving of time thanks to the automation of tasks and calculations
- Its responsiveness in obtaining reliable and secure tables for better support for managers in decision-making support

Meeting Infineo - PBI Ouest
Eric Affaticati, Director of Infineo and Nicolas Bontemps, founding member of PBI Ouest, at the signing of their partnership.

Opening of the Infineo customer area

Infineo opens its customer area in March 2020

That's it, it's official ! Infineo, publisher of decision-making reporting software, opens its customer area, a new service, available 24/24 to facilitate communication with its network of resellers…

Business people shaking hands together

Infineo, decision-making reporting software publisher, is opening its first customer area, an online service, ensuring maximum proximity to its distribution network.
By providing the best support to their clients in their projects, the #Insiders wish to provide them with new dedicated services: the client area

This Customer Area, which facilitates exchanges with our support team, allows



Open incidents directly online 24/24 and 7/7
To supplement the incidents already recorded on the platform at any time by adding new information
Adding attachments


Many advantages :

All this information is saved in your file and taken into account immediately by our Support team *.
* On the opening hours of our service: Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (5:30 p.m. on Friday)
Thus, thanks to our new customer area, you will be able to be informed of the status and progress of your incident in real time.

This new customer area… A valuable tool for our distributors :

Our distributors will have access to all incidents of their customers as well as to current contracts.
They will also be able to view their customers' license keys (in PDF format only)

COVID-19 Measures Infineo

Following the measures announced by the Government, to fight against the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic which is affecting our country, INFINEO is organising itself to ensure the continuity of its services and to adapt to this exceptional situation.

We have communicated the Government's recommendations to all of our employees and implemented all preventive actions with each of them. We are extending teleworking to all our teams, who continue to support you despite the special situation.

In this unprecedented health and economic context, we are all mobilized and remain fully able to carry out our missions as well as the deployment of all your current or future projects. Regardless, we follow the news on a day-to-day basis and will strictly apply the instructions that are given.

Our telephone switchboard as well as the Customer Support service remain reachable and operational to answer you. In addition, all Insiders are mobilised to keep the link that unites us to you! However, we advise you to favour exchanges and / or requests by email so that you are called back as quickly as possible.
In the event that you do not have the contact details of your usual contact person, we invite you to contact our teams via the address::

We remind you that the Customer Support service is accessible by phone at +44 (0)23 80 320 440 and by email at

We thank you, more than ever, for your trust in us...
Take care of yourself.

Excel shortcuts... Make your life easier...

Simplify your life with Excel®...

Discover the 30 shortcuts in Excel® that will make your daily life easier!

Creating tables in Excel® is often repetitive and tedious ... With these shortcuts we suggest you save time by simply performing these operations ... Here, in our practical sheet, are the 30 shortcuts you will not be able to do without!

Download the practical sheet of shortcuts in Excel®

With Excel®, do you want to easily calculate the day of a date, the month or the year?
Here are some explanations...

January 1st is day 1 of your year… Day 60 will then be March 1st.
To calculate this number, differentiate between the desired day and the day of the year of the year concerned. You will calculate the current date of the year with the DATE function:
= DATE (YEAR (B3); 1; 1)

The DATE function returns a date taking as argument the year, month, day. The year is calculated using the YEAR function.
Then, differentiate between the date and the day of the year (add a day for the count to be correct).
= B3-DATE (YEAR (B3); 1; 1) +1

You can easily check that the formula is working properly by checking that the new year returns the number 1.


Inside reporting testimonial: City One and its integrator Inforsud

Testimonial Inside reporting ... City One shares its experience

"We needed an easy-to-use tool, allowing us to analyse all the accounting and financial data. With Inside reporting, the time savings that we achieve is significant on all the analyses. installing this solution, we analyse all of this data in real time and very quickly ... "says Frédéric Bouquet, Accounting Director of the City One Group..

The challenges to be met…

The City One group has been working closely with Inforsud for nearly 15 years for the management and maintenance of their Sage FRP 1000Cloud accounting software.
City One was looking for a reporting tool capable of connecting to the already installed Sage FRP 1000Cloud solution. In addition, the choice of software would be based on its ease of use and the speed with which it could produce reporting tables.
As a final constraint, City One had to find a tool to harmonize data across all of the group's agencies.

“It only took a single day of deployment and 2 days of training for the 8 Inside reporting users to be self-sufficient." Says Frédéric Bouquet.

The choice of the partner Inforsud for the integration of Inside Reporting:

For more than 30 years Inforsud Diffusion has supported its clients in the optimization and performance of their information systems. This company with strong local roots has succeeded in establishing regional proximity with all of its customers. In 2017, Inforsud became a partner of Infineo and now offers the decision-making reporting solution: Inside.

Some figures from Inforsud:

  • A historical player with more than 30 years of experience
  • A turnover of more than 6 million Euros
  • 58 employees spread over 3 sites (Toulouse, Albi and Rodez)


The benefits obtained with Inside Reporting:

This decision-making reporting solution allows City One to study the group's growth more quickly and more precisely. The easy-to-use Inside tool offers the ability to analyse all financial and accounting data in a minimum of time. Since the installation of this new decision-making reporting solution, developed by Infineo, the teams have saved a lot of time. Group management plans to expand their solution by integrating Human Resources data.